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Where the Journey Began…

Added: Jun 25, 2018
Category: About KVH

Today we are proud to announce the 'official' launch of Key Vacation Homes! We feel extremely proud and privileged to have acquired Property Care Service. So, how did the journey begin?...

Around five or more years ago, we began to discuss the prospect of living in Florida. At that point it was just a pipe dream, but one that continued to grow. So, in early 2015 we decided to have a taste of living out in Florida. From then on, we knew it was what we wanted to do and so it was just a case of making the dream come true. All paths were now to lead to Florida.

In 2016, plans revolved around our wedding. Not only were we due to be wed, we were also tailoring our big day with our own crafts and designs and personal touches. Needless to say, a lot of planning and passion went into making it the perfect, magical day. By the end of the year we were ready, as a married couple; to plan our future.

In March 2017, we made our first financial commitment and employed our immigration attorney, Demian Serianni to represent and advise on our E2 visa case. Throughout the rest of the year we prepared the case, which included: planning and writing a 40-page business plan, gathering evidence of legal and residential status, financial commitment, appropriate work experience etc., and planning and agreeing the purchase agreement for Property Care Service (with the kind assistance of Mike and Cindy, the founders and previous owners).

After much hard work, we submitted our case to the embassy in January 2018. A great way to start a year due to be full of promise, adventure, and big changes. We heard back from the U.S Embassy in March, having requested one requirement for further evidence. Upon completion of this, we then received confirmation that we could schedule our interview in April.

We travelled to London on May 1st 2018 and attended our interview the following day. Having showed up to the embassy drenched from a dose of the British weather we were looking forward to leaving behind and in awe of the stunning new embassy in Nine Elms; we were ready to go. We found the embassy to be highly organised, as you'd expect; very clinical, and the external aesthetics much like a modern art gallery. After just under 2 hours, we were overwhelmed by the fact we had been granted the visa!

We completed our trip with a 2-night stay in Windsor and a visit to Windsor Castle. Such a poignantly British thing to do just weeks before the royal wedding and not long before embarking on our adventure to sunny Florida.

After days of solid packing, here we are! Sat by the pool (armed with factor 50!), sipping a beer and writing this blog. We're excited by what lies in wait and look forward to working with all our clients and future vacationers!

If you are considering taking a similar journey and would like more information, we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you and answer any questions you may have. Please look out for future posts and check out our social media accounts!

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