What to pack for your Florida Vacation?

So you’ve booked your flight, your vacation villa, taken out your travel insurance and now the countdown is on until your dream vacation. All that is left to do is pack and if you’re anything like me, then packing for a vacation can be stressful and something that you put off until the very last minute. That’s why I have come up with a helpful packing list that you can use to help keep you organised.

You can also download a printable version here

Happy packing!


Olive Garden – unlimited breadsticks and salad

It’s time for our favourite cuisine…Italian food! Who doesn’t love pasta, pizza, salad, and bread? Now, you can get Italian food at lots of all you eats and other Italian style restaurants, but in our opinion Olive Garden is without doubt the best. It’s been our favourite for years and we always recommend it to guests.

We decided to go on a Thursday and call it ‘date night’, so we got a little dressed up and headed to the Olive Garden on the 192. We have been to this one once before, but we usually go to the one at The Loop. If you’re looking for a quieter restaurant atmosphere, then the one on the 192 is for you (this is our experience from two times, on Saturday I can imagine it would be very busy). The menu always comes with different specials and deals and the current one is buy any entree and get one to take away for $5. Yes, you read that right: $5 and we’re not talking some small portion, it’s restaurant portions! So we ordered our drinks and entrees; I was good and ordered a peach tea and Shaun ordered a beer (of course!). We would usually order an appetiser, but we knew that we wanted to load up on breadsticks and salad. From past experience, the Parmesan Zucchini Bites are a game changer!

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This weeks foodie fave takes us to none other than IHOP! For a bit of change, we wanted to go for breakfast rather than dinner and this was the obvious choice. In our opinion, it’s the best place to get breakfast, but IHOP has much more to offer than just breakfast items! Renowned for it’s great selection of pancakes, the menu also hosts a large variety of omelettes, crepes, french toast and other breakfast delights. Their lunch and dinner menu includes many American diner style classics and even includes fish and chips.

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Disney’s Fort Wilderness

What an event! All we can say is…wow!!! Fun for all ages: from toddlers to grandparents and all in between. Everyone had such a great time at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. We joined some close friends for an evening to find out what it’s all about and we can safely say that pictures are louder than words! We really hope that this helps to create an idea of what a spectacular occasion this was. Disney’s Fort Wilderness brings together campers looking to have a great time and celebrate special occasions in such a memorable way. We can definitely recommend a visit…we hear that Christmas is even more spectacular! Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions!

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The Cheesecake Factory

It’s been a week of celebration for us. Not only did we celebrate our 1 year incorporation, but we also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. What better place to celebrate such milestones than at The Cheesecake Factory at Mall at Millenia. It’s been on our list for quite some time, so we were like kids at Christmas when we finally made it. For those of you that have been; you will know, but if you’re like us and it’s your first time; you may be intrigued to know that it’s not just cheesecake and dessert!

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Burgers and Brews – Red Robin review

One common question that we find we get asked when visiting guests that are staying at our managed homes is ‘what restaurants would you recommend?’. What a question and by far our favorite question as we are not afraid to say we like our food. Orlando, Kissimmee and Davenport hold some of the best restaurants we have ever been to, so to answer this question briefly is a tall order. So why not write about our experiences in the hope that guests can themselves also experience it.

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Lake Nona 5K run & Running for Cindy

We are now one week on from the exciting run at Lake Nona and we are still on a high. After a very busy week (and still going), it’s great to have the chance to reflect….

From the parking to the post-run free food, beer and entertainment; the event was extremely well organised and this further helped to create a fantastic atmosphere. One would think that a 5:45pm start time would mean “cooler” conditions. We and many others were wrong. With temperatures reaching mid 80°F during the run, everyone had to give it everything they had to push through to the finish line. This included men, women and children of all different ages and athletic ability.

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Running for Cindy Watford

Around 3 months ago we signed to acquire the Watford family business, Property Care Service (Incorporated as Key Vacation Homes LLC). Since then we have spent a lot of time with the founders and sellers of the business, Cindy and Mike Watford. Not only do they offer a fountain of knowledge and continual support within the business, but our friendship is very dear to us and they have treated us like family at a time when we are missing our own.

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