About Us

At Key Vacation Homes we are highly motivated to create and deliver a positive, reliable, and quality service to vacation home owners and vacationers alike in Central Florida. Key Vacation Homes was established in 2017, encompassing the accolade of over 20 years’ experience in vacation home services and driven by decades of experience in UK service industries and vacations in Orlando.

We give you the personal and professional quality service that you deserve. Trusting your vacation home or your vacation to a stranger can be an uncertain time. That’s why we make every effort to understand your requirements and will deliver a tailored service specific to your individual needs. These reassurances are something we can guarantee when what we do is handled with such passion and care.

We’re excited to work with you to create your dream vacation, or to help it be created for others. Orlando is a magical place; a place the Marriott family has enjoyed vacationing in for many years. From childhood dreams, we fell in love with Orlando so much; we moved here! We can therefore understand what it means to you and how excited you will be if you are a first-time vacationer to Orlando.

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